The Big Chop

Want to highlight your facial features and unlock your beauty potential? Then GO NATURAL and BIG CHOP relaxed and curly-perm hairstyling from your beauty regimen!

Your Benefits

Greater Intimacy, Better Hygiene, More Comfortable Sleep, 
Lower Haircare Expenses, And Well-Deserved Recognition!

Your Costs

Just $12.00 and No More Than
45 Minutes of Your Valuable Time!1

Stop Fighting Your Deep Desire to Embrace Your Natural Self!

Make No Further Excuses!

Decide TODAY No Longer to Wear Wigs and Hair Extensions!

No Longer Expose Yourself to Obesity, Fibroids,
Dermatitis, Early Puberty, and Blood and Lung Cancer!

Let GREG DAY of Your Best Image, Inc.(YBI) BIG CHOP your destructive current hairstyling and create a NATURAL hairstyle best highlighting your facial beauty and unleashing your beauty potential.

Call  N O W   (512) 280-3731

To Make An Appointment.2

1-Offer only includes Afro shaping, one-length or clipper-short Afros, and bald hairstyles. Offer does not include fade and taper hairstyles. Consultation, cleansing, moisturizing, drying, razor edging, and styling included with service. All other services offered at regular YBI prices.

2-Walk-ins welcome but may be subject to wait listing.

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