You Already Have Perfect Hair


Many people with natural, coily hair, especially Caucasian and multi-ethnic parents raising Black daughters, complain about many haircare books severely failing to provide quality instructions in skillful, confident, healthy, and time-and-money friendly grooming of natural, coily hair.

However, after reading You Already Have Perfect Hair, those people no longer will make those complaints. Packed with documented medical and legal cases, reliable financial results, proven grooming tips, accurate and culturally-preferred haircare terminology, and irrefutable Biblical evidence, You Already Have Perfect Hair will provide instructions best for anyone addressing even the most troubling natural, coily hair concerns:

  • Black women’s chronic hair loss and addiction to petroleum-based products.
  • Fibroid, obesity, and early puberty links with relaxers and curly perms.
  • Natural hairstyling’s connection with workplace discrimination.
  • “Good hair” versus “bad hair” debate.
  • Long-hair-is-a-woman’s-glory debate.
  • Caucasian and multi-ethnic parents’ struggles with natural, coily hair grooming.
  • Best conditions for wearing a bald head.
  • Psyche underlying the desire to wear relaxed and curly-permed hairstyles
  • Men’s most intimate feelings about women wearing relaxed and curly-permed hairstyles.
  • Offensive terms for describing natural, coily hair.

Most haircare books, especially the current market’s twenty three competing and complementary ones, do not thoroughly address many issues about natural, coily hair grooming. You Already Have Perfect Hair does not make this mistake. It thoroughly tackles those issues and provides quality instructions anyone needs to groom natural, coily hair in a skillful, confident, healthy, and time-and-money friendly manner.

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