Do it!

Consider wearing the only other hairstyle, like Afros and hairlocks, not compromising your health, finances, and emotions:

A Bald Head!
Men and cancer survivors should not have exclusive rights to bald their heads. Women, especially those with dark skin, voluptuous mouths(i.e., full lips and straight, healthy teeth), prominent noses, and large radiant eyes can wear a bald head with as stunning and professional a presence and influence as any aesthetic ever created. In fact, the most beautiful, sexiest woman one will EVER SEE is a very dark-skin, in-shape, naked, bald-headed, woman!

Wearing a bald head may be the only hairstyle option available to you, despite your strong preference for other hairstyles. If using relaxers, curly perms, and curling irons have caused extensive and permanent hair loss or very spotty scarring, the bald head may provide the most uniform, clean, and professional appearance. Under these conditions, wearing a head bald will eliminate you appearing with unsightly sparse hair patterns and spotty scalp and neck scarring.

Wearing a bald head stands clearly your least expensive option. Assuming you will groom your bald head at home, a bald head will significantly cost less to maintain than the most popular hairstyles Black women most frequently wear(download Exhibit 6 above). Those popular hairstyles require using several grooming products(e.g., moisturizers, oils, leave-ins, activators, styling sprays, setting lotions, glossifiers) and at least six tools(e.g., rollers, pins, curling and flat irons, hand-held and desktop dryers)to maintain their appearance and health at home. A bald head only will require using a moisturizing shampoo, a detangler, a glossifier, and a one-time purchase of a trimmer to maintain its appearance and health. During the first year of wearing a bald head, you annually will spend between approximately $300 and $3,800 less grooming it than maintaining the top four hairstyles Black women frequently wear(download Exhibit 6 above). After spending about seventy dollars the first year to purchase a trimmer, you will save even more, annually spending between nearly $400 and $3,900 less grooming a bald head than grooming relaxed, locked, curly-permed, and Afro hairstyles(download Exhibit 6 above). Wearing a bald head also stands clearly the most time-preserving option. Since you will perform your maintenance at home, you will not spend travel and wait time patronizing salons and barber shops for haircare.

What about the convenience and comfort of wearing a bald head? You can groom your bald head in the comfort and privacy of your home instead of in salon and barber shops’ hectic, often loud, and very public areas. What about the discomfort of sleeping with scarves and rollers needed to protect relaxed, curly-permed, locked, and Afro hairstyles? Have you even considered the mental and physical adjustments your mate makes to stay sexually aroused when you frequently go to bed wearing scarves, caps, or rollers on your head?

Remember the pains in your neck from sleeping with your head in unnatural positions or angles so bedding would not ruin your hairstyle or dislodge your headgear? Avoid all of these undesirable grooming practices, uncomfortable sleeping positions, and unhappy mate responses by wearing a bald head. With a bald head, you can go to bed without headgear. You can put your beautiful bald dome on a pillow and go straight to sleep without any discomfort from wearing scarves, caps, or rollers, concern for your mate’s waning sexual desire, and fear your hairstyle will look a mess in the morning.

Do not overlook the flexibility a bald head adds to your lifestyle. With little-to-no concern for your hairstyle’s appearance, you can quickly go from playing a sport in the morning to attending, on time, a seminar in the afternoon, from soundly sleeping to suddenly awakening and tending to your new-born child’s nursing needs, from flirting with your mate at 3:00p.m. to beginning anew at 5:00a.m., from getting filthy tending your garden to dressing “to the nines” for a concert, from spending a lazy day at home to fulfilling a friend’s sudden need for airport pickup, from taking a nap to answering the unexpected knock at your front door, and from cooking meals before church to refueling your car before heading to church.

Wearing a bald head, however, comes with responsibilities. It requires strictly following a three-step grooming process. First completely remove all hair from your head using either an Andis T-Outliner, T-Edjer, or Styliner II. Specially built with fine-cutting teeth for skin-close cutting, these trimmers will remove hair without causing in-grown hair irritation on the scalp and neck. Razors and depilatories, regardless of make, model, or strength, will frequently cause in-grown hair irritation on both the scalp and neck. Second, after using trimmers to bald-cut your head, immediately cleanse your scalp with a salon-quality moisturizing shampoo. I recommend two Aquage shampoos: Smoothing Shampoo and Biomega Moisture Shampoo. If you live with sensitivities to sulfates(detergents), parabens(preservatives), glutons(thickening agents) or sodium chlorides(salts), then purchase and cleanse your head with Biomega Moisture Shampoo. It contains the least amount of those ingredients. If you do not live with sulfate, paraben, gluten, and sodium chloride sensitivities, then purchase and cleanse your scalp with Smoothing Shampoo. Both shampoos will rid your scalp of hair clippings and dead skin known to enter hair follicles, irritate them, and leave the scalp with an unsightly grey-colored appearance. Third, follow cleansing your head with an application of a scalp-soothing moisturizer and glossifier. I recommend two Aquage products: Equalizing Detangler and SeaExtend® Silkening Oil Treatment. The Equalizing Detangler, an ultra-light moisturizer, employs sea botanicals to restore moisture lost after a shampoo. Put the detangler on your scalp, leave it there for two minutes, and rinse your head. This will help restore your scalp to its proper moisture level. The Silkening Oil Treatment, an intense glossifier, also uses sea botanicals plus ultra-light, extra-virgin argan oil to lock in moisture, sooth and nourish the scalp, and deliver a brilliant shine to scalp surfaces. Highly concentrated, just put a dime-size amount of the silkening oil into the palm of one hand, thoroughly emulsify the oil into both hands, and rub that amount into your scalp. This will add shine and sun protection to your scalp.

Now, does wearing a bald head better appeal to you? Many women have been smitten by its appeal. Credit Pat Evans and Susan Taylor for pioneering bald looks. In 1969, former dancer Pat Evans shaves her head and catapults to success. She eventually signs with model agency Stewart Models, and appears in Stephen Burrows runway shows, magazines Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and on several album covers for rhythm and blues super group Ohio Players. Susan Taylor, longtime Essence Magazine editor receives acclaim when Jamaican photographer Ken Ramsey photographs and features her bald head in The Newark Museum photography exhibit Posing Beauty. Other noteworthy Black women have followed Pat Evans and Susan Taylor’s lead: Sheila Bridges, celebrity interior designer and founder of Sheila Bridges Design, Inc.; Sharon Quinn, celebrity entertainer affectionately known as the Original Runway Diva; Deborah Anne Dyer, English singer and model known as Skin; Natalie Stewart, neo-Soul singer and former member of the English rhythm and blues duo Floetry; Erykal Abi Wright, better known as the American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor Erykah Badu; celebrity twin and documentary producer Sidra Smith; American television and film actor Aisha Hinds; American television broadcaster Robin Roberts; and veteran comic and former television show Saturday Night Live star Debra Wilson. These famous Black women have adopted a bald head as their signature look.

These famous Black women have prompted a growing number of Black women to adopt a bald head as their socially acceptable, financially reasonable, and aesthetically captivating alternative to relaxed, curly-permed, locked, and Afro hairstyling. If you can financially afford to follow the recommended three-step grooming process and emotionally handle using a trimmer to remove all hair from your head, then join the prestigious ranks of these courageous, proud, confident, and sometimes famous Black women by Wearing A Bald Head!

Sporting one may best highlight your appearance and image, save you money and time, and add flexibility and comfort to your lifestyle.