Black women, three features make you the most beautiful woman ever created. ONE, you possess the MOST spectrum-spanning, color-rich skin ever created.  TWO, you possess the MOST voluptuous, delicious, kissable, cupid bow-shape mouths ever felt. THREE, you possess the MOST bodaciously-curvaceous, traffic-stopping bodies ever seen. Other women try to replicate your features: copying the fullness of your lips, coloring of our skin, curves of your bodies, and versatility of your hair.Their attempts, however, frequently result in something beautiful, but AT BEST, falling short in form and fashion to your physical features. Granted, other women possess gorgeous physical beauty, but NONE to the degree YOU do!

You Are THE World’s MOST Beautiful Woman!

 Miss Universe – Pageants & Prosecco 

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Yes, MUCH of the world considers White women the gold standard for feminine physical beauty. Have you ever thought about how White women have accomplished that position? The secret: MASTERFUL MARKETING! Influential and staunch supporters of White female beauty strategically have used the world’s most effective media to thoroughly and relentlessly advertise White female beauty throughout the world. Through masterful use of TV, internet, radio, and print media, White female beauty supporters have MOST of the world crowning a White woman as The World’s Most Beautiful Woman.

Does she deserve that title? Like all women, White women deserve praise and recognition for their physical beauty. They, however, do NOT deserve the beauty TITLE for it. Why? Black women’s inimitable color-rich skin provides the perfect canvass for displaying well-defined cheeks, full and voluptuous lips, strong and prominent noses, and iridescent makeup colors.

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